Massage Fusion


It’s a combination of treatment techniques combining aromatherapy massage, trigger-point therapy, stretching techniques, fascial release of connective tissue and incorporates a selection of powerful essential oils promote and energise mind and body. Massage Fusion effectively releases stress and tension, removes stagnant energy and energises your senses, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Essential oils which have an energising effect include Rosemary, Basil, Eucalyptus Globulus, Peppermint, Juniper and Pine.

Benefits of Massage Fusion:

•  Increases range of motion in the joints
•  Conditions and tones the body
•  Improves posture
•  Strengthens muscular-skeletal system
•  Aids injury rehabilitation
•  Promotes general body and mind relaxation
•  Creates a positive attitude

Treatment prices start from £35


A revolutionary therapy that utilizes the healing energy of Essential Oils, in conjunction with healing energy of Crystals to bring about an effective difference in the way we feel. Crystal Healing and Aromatic Essences are both wonderful, and work together to empower the body to heal itself. As a Crystal Energy Healer, I work with these two modalities in conjunction with each other and have developed this very powerful technique called AromaCrystal Energy Healing.

The AromaCrystal Energy Healing session is extremely relaxing, and leaves you with a feeling of peace and wellbeing. It cleanses the chakras and aura, dissolves any blocks in the body, and the body’s etheric layers. The Crystals’ and Aromatic Oils’ healing to rebalance the Chakra system and allowing energy to move more freely through the body, which in turns assists the body’s natural healing process.

Treatments start from £45